Memento Mori and the Marble Graves of Valletta
by Petra Bianchi

The most beautiful floor in the world
a public lecture by Dane Munro
for Dinl'Art Helwa in January 2006
by Sandra Aquilina

The Ars moriendi or the art of dying well.
An article about chivalric perceptions of dying well of the Knights of Malta
by Dane Munro

Memento Mori: Die Johannitergrablegen   
Artikel im Deutschen Adelsblatt April 2006
von Dane Munro

The analysis of the layers of perception

Genealogical reference

The modern Knights of St John of Jerusalem

The Leiden Convention of Diacritical Signs
Death the Victor
Gary Schwartz is an art historian from New York and a long-time resident in the
Netherlands. He is specialised in Dutch painting, in particular Rembrandt. He is
also a prolific writer with his own internet column,
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Ingrid Rowland is professor of history of art in Rome. Link up to her review of
Memento Mori, the Floor of Floors, in the December 15th, 2005 issue of
The New York Review of Books